Q8 finally

I have arrived on 1st November early in the morning (02:00 AM ).It’s been now already a week since my arrival and first impressions about the city  and the people are very positive. The Airport was surprisingly small. Well, I guess my expectations were bigger but at the end it’s better if it’s smaller one 🙂 No chance to get lost…

No problems at all finding  my way out trough the customs. First thing you have to do after you get off the plane
(if you are not on the list of countries whose citizens can get visa on arrival) is to go with you passport and copy of visa which was previously sent to you from your company and then pick up the original visa from the desk near the customs.
After that you are ready to go to the customs and that’s it. Pretty straightforward and easy.

Before taking the airport taxi I quickly went to the first Mobile Operator’s shop  and bought prepaid sim card and cheap mobile phone. They needed my passport copy and my signature to sign some form. Interesting to mention is that guy working in the shop wrote down my nationality as “american”…I told him I am Croatian and he replied.Sorry Sir, all white people
are Americans. I guess this goes by default 🙂

Useful info if you don’t want to buy a sim card and a phone is that you can use fixed line phone booths available at the airport to make calls for free to any Kuwaiti number (fixed line or mobile phone). So, if you need to call somebody and inform them that you have arrived and waiting at the airport it’s good. You just go to the booth and dial the local number. No need
to dial some “special” code to have free call. The reason for this is that in Kuwait they don’t charge your call based on impulses you spent or  minutes as they do in Europe.Instead, you pay every month fixed price for leasing the line. In this case the lease is payed by Airport services and all travelers can use the phone booths for free (but only to call local fixed line or mobile phone numbers).

There are plenty of ATM machines to withdraw some cash if you need it. They do accept all types of credit and debit cards. No problems there. Although, my advise is to bring some US dollars with you (let’s say 1000 or more) because the banks will add extra charges if you make cash withdrawal from the ATM’s and this is not a small charge…I took 7oo USD from the ATM and my bank added extra charge of 25 USD…that’s way too much !So, bring the cash with you.

On my way to the apartment I did small shopping (got some water, toilet paper, food for first
breakfast etc) and few other usual things for which I expected  not to be available in the apartment. And they were not.

Apartment is 220 square meters, 2 master bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge living room, 15 meters long hall and nice american style kitchen. Everything is fully furnished and included in the rent (all utilities + satellite TV, free broadband internet connection, gym in the building’s first floor).



  1. 1

    Nemoj reć da se nemre popit prova ladna pivica nigdje?
    fini velik stan ti je pretpostavljam firma našla?

    • 2

      Alkohol strogo zabranjen u cijeloj drzavi…postoji “crno” trziste ali jos nisam ovdje dovoljno dugo da dobijem te kontakte…ima vremena 🙂

      Firma placa stan prvih mjesec dana…poslije moram ja sam…budem za 12. mjesec nasao nesto manje,jeftinije, blize poslu i sa bazenom…ovaj kosta 1200 eura/mjesec…a jednosobni su oko 700 eura…

  2. 3
    Meryem Says:

    Hi there
    I have 3 questions in which neighbourhood are u staying and do u like it?
    How much is the rent?
    I’m thinking of moving to kuwait but I really want a good impression from those who are already there

    Thnx u

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