Second weekend starting in Kuwait

It’s already my second weekend in Kuwait. In most Middle East countries the weekend is Friday-Saturday . Few more weeks here and I will adjust properly…it’s so strange feeling to work on Sunday.

Yesterday I didn’t work.We had a whole day company team building (10AM-11PM). That’s what I call a “lucky guy”. I just joined the company and there is already a team building. It took place in 5* Hilton Kuwait resort Hotel on the beach approximately 60 min drive from the City center to the South. It started in the morning at 10AM first with some management presentations about results for past 6 months and nice breakfast buffet. After seeing a lot of interesting power point slides it was time to have a lunch.  The food here is absolutely amazing. It’s a pleasure for eyes and for stomach.So many different colours and tastes.

After the lunch we played 5 different games (some indoors and some outside on the beach)…unfortunately my team did not win anything…better luck
next time guys…after 6h of playing the games it was time for 5* dinner and yet again amazing food…salads and cakes…

Lucky guy once more…

At the very end there was a draft and nice lady picked up ticket with my number…I got free dinner voucher for 2 persons  at the J.W. Marriott 5* Hotel restaurant….just 5 minutes walk from my office.

Brrr..I really have to start doing  some workout or
otherwise I will reach 100 kilo limit in my first month here in Kuwait….

Enjoy the pictures…view from my apartment and team building event…


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