Rain in Kuwait

Definitely did not expect so much rain in Kuwait. In past 3 days the rain did not stop. Ofcourse I did not bring my umbrella with me…who expects rain in the middle of the desert?! And it’s really cold in the following days.

Here is Kuwait weather for next 5 days:

And here is the weather forecast in Croatia:

Not big difference I have to admit. Huge surprise for me. The only good thing about the rain in Kuwait is that everybody who is living here for couple of years predicts that following summer will be very nice and without too much sandstorms because of the rain in winter. So, I keep my fingers crossed.

Few days ago I played a football match with my co-workers. Small teams, 7 against 7 on a rented playground with artificial grass. It’s 70 euro / hour to rent.  Later in the evening we went to play Jordanian cards game “Tricks” and smoke “shisha” from nargilla.

I go now for a morning coffee with 2 fellow Croatians and to buy an umbrella. Yes, I am not alone here. Although I tried to find any Croatians living in Kuwait before I came,  they found me via this blog 🙂



  1. 1

    Kaj to pušite duhan koji se zove šiša 🙂
    S čim se bave ova dva zemljaka u Kuvajtu?

  2. 2
    Omran Says:

    Ne znam jesi li još u Kuvajtu ili ne, ali evo našao sam tvoje postove na forumu pa me dovelo na ovaj blog. I ja sam ing elektrotehnike, iz Zagreba sam i trenutno sam na terenu u Kuvajtu do daljneg. Nadam se da ćeš vidjeti poruku pa se možda i čujemo!

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