Taxi in Kuwait

For non-drivers or the people without driving licence (like me for the next couple of months) the prefered mode of transport  are taxis. The Taxi companies are not really regulated and most don’t have meters and large number does not have seat belts. Those that do have meters don’t use them. The majority operate 24h. Always negotiate the price before you get in and if the driver does not accept your proposed price just let him go;another taxi will come in less then a minute. Usually when you tell them to go they will accept your last offered amount. Fares are usually a minimum of 1 KD and will increase slowly depending upon the destination. I pay 1.5KD for 20min long drive (sometimes 2KD if the traffic is too heavy in the evening). In the morning after 08:30AM there is no traffic and getting to your work is comfortable drive. From the airport to Kuwait City (16km) or Salmiya you will pay 5KD (12.5 euro) and from airport to Fintas (22km) it will be 6KD (15 euro). Expect to pay more in the evening since traffic is more heavy and there isn’t so many taxis around.

One of the ways to arrange a taxi is to call a company in advance. State your destination and check the price before the car is dispatched. The drivers have a fair knowledge of the city and surrounds (not all of them speak english unfortunately but they do understand and know city areas and hotel names). If possible show a map of your destination or give them a landmark such as a hotel, shopping centre or tower with offices to aim for.

I prefer to get a taxi directly from the street. They usually come within 2 minutes and are little cheaper than taxis ordered via phone.

The airport operates a taxi and limousine service but expect to pay a premium price for this.


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